We offer a complete gamma of high-grade and cost-effective products designed to help our clients achieve cocktail consistency, reduce stock inventory and save on labour and production time, which translates into better customer service, more sales and maximize profitability.

All our syrups & purées are made using only natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavours or colours added, making them an excellent choice to enhance fresh flavours in your drinks. For a perfect cocktail, every ingredient is important.




Designed to increase beverage quality, reduce inventory and allow our clients to save on labour and time while producing drinks. Choose from a variety of popular cocktails such as Piña Colada, Daiquiri, Mojito or Sex on the Beach or let us create a custom- made cocktail mix for you.


An essential ingredient in today's mixology. Syrups add the proper amount of sweetness, body and color blending perfectly with multiple cocktail combinations.


Our purees are made with 100% real fruit, no preservatives or flavours added. Made in small batches, we make sure to preserve the taste and qualities of fresh fruit.


Packed with flavour our bitters will balance out your cocktails, adding depth and making them a more complex and complete drink.


Choose from a variety of sauces to boost savory flavours in your Bloody Caesar’s. In today’s mixology, creativity and uniqueness is a must, stand out from the rest by choosing one of our signature sauces.


Offer that extra cocktail experience to your guests by using one of our rimmers, from a citrus sugar rim for “Sours” leaving a pleasant after taste that balances the bitterness to a Bloody Caesar spice mix that gives an extra kick to your cocktails.


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